Our solutions
Market Access Strategy
HEOR plans
Pricing strategy
HEOR strategy
Patient strategy
Advocacy groups
Patient Preferences
Instrument development
Risk analysis
Health valuation
Patients priorities
Patients experience data
Health Economics
Cost-effectiveness models
Costs and burden of illness
Comparative effectiveness
EE review & comparison
Efficiency research (COMER)
Outcomes Research
Quality of life, satisfaction
Compliance / adhesion time motion
Market Access Tools
Multic-criteria decision analysis (MCDA)
Objection handler (vs competitors, assessments, etc.)
Risk sharing agreements
Price and Reimbursement
Global and local value dossiers
Budget impact modeling
Assessment guidelines
Positioning reports
Positioning advisory and mock negotiations
Pricing and forecasting analysis
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A global network of expert advisors with an in-depth understanding of the highly complex and dynamic health care systems in their region.
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