Personal Data Privacy Policy

AXENTIVA SOLUTION S.L. compromises to comply with the  current legislation regarding the treatment of personal data and , in particular, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR 679/2016), as well as “Ley Orgánica de Protección de Datos Personales y Garantía de los Derechos Digitales” 3/2018 (LOPDPYGDD). We have updated our privacy policy to inform you clearly of how we gather, use and safeguard the personal data that you provide us. Through the next privacy policy AXENTIVA SOLUTION S.L. informs its customers of the following extremes:



Bothe any interested party or client that provide us with its data, as well on-line as in face-to-face or by our social networks (Linkedin), is informed that the data treatment is made by:

Calle Muntaner, 200 4º 5ª, ES08036 Barcelona

Contact phone: +34 93 027 76 19




AXENTIVA SOLUTION S.L. will treat the data you provide with the purpose of accomplishing the  provision of services offered regarding the nature of our entity, for hiring, budgeting, …, via or any other way of data gathering.

This purposes are the ones that justify the treatment of data and legitimize it, in virtue  of the GDPR 679/2016 and LOPDPYGDD.

AXENTIVA SOLUTION S.L. informs its client or user that its data may be used for the following purposes:

  1. Providing hired services: attending the ends of our commercial activity, elaborating budgets, billings and payment collection: the provided date will be conserves while the relationship of AXENTIVA SOLUTION S.L. and its clients of users is held or during the years necessary to comply with our legal obligation. The data will not be shared with third parties with exception of the cases in which a legal obligation exists.
  2. Curriculum Vitae reception and Personnel selection: when sending us your Curriculum Vitae or any professional or academic data , each party accepts and authorizes AXENTIVA SOLUTION S.L. to use and treat in an automatized wat the personal data and information provided so they are part of our personnel selection database in order to enter the selection process of personnel at AXENTIVA SOLUTION S.L., with the only purpose of personnel selection . The information you provide will be treated with the purpose of keeping you informed of the different employment vacancies that are available in our organization. The data will be stored until the adjudication of a job or until you exercise your right to cancellation, so you have the right to access your personal data, change inexact data or request a suppression when the data is no longer necessary , and they will be deleted in any way, in one year from its reception. This data will not be given to third parties.

Besides the described purposes, and in the case that you authorise it specifically, we will be able to use your data for:

  1. Sending advertisement info or newsletters with the purpose of improving our commercial relationship and manage the petitions made by our clients.
  2. Conducting surveys: in this case we will use the strictly necessary data to fill that purpose and they will be kept during the strictly necessary time to conducting the survey and the results gathering. Your data will undergo a process of anonymization, so it will be impossible your direct or indirect identification through that data, with the exception that you provide us that information.

Remember that we are not responsible for the treatment of your data if you have presented your consent to conducting surveys by third parties.



We also inform you that the data will be managed through automatized files with the only purpose of improving our services and attend the necessities of our clients and/or users. So they will be only used in function to attend the service that you have selected.

In any case AXENTIVA SOLUTION S.L. grants the adoption of the necessary measures to ensure the confidential treatment of the data , and in the case that you do not agree with the treatment o cession of your personal data, you can write via letter to AXENTIVA SOLUTION S.L, person in charge of managing the file system, to the address indicated at the beginning of this communication, where you will be also able to exercise your right to access, correction, suppression, opposition and portability.



AXENTIVA SOLUTION S.L. will not reveal your personal data to any third party with exception of the communications that we are legally required to do.

AXENTIVA SOLUTION S.L. grants that it will treat your personal data in a confidential way, as well as that the server in which the data is stored and treated have the necessary security measures stablished by the Spanish norm of data.

AXENTIVA SOLUTION S.L. grants that said files are of its total responsibility and that your data will not be object of automatized decisions.



We will keep your personal information the minimal time  required to the correct provision of the service, as well as to attend the responsibilities that could derive from the same and any other legal requirement, or while you do not exercise your right to suppression, cancellation or limitation of the treatment of your data. In this cases, we will keep the information properly blocked, without giving it any use, while it can be necessary to the exercise or defence of reclamations or can derive some kind of legal judicial, legal, or contractual of its treatment, that must be attended and for which it will be necessary its recuperation.

We only keep your personal information as far as we need it with the end of being able to use it according its purpose for which it was collected, and according to the legal basis of the treatment of it in compliance with applicable law.

The information relative to your personal and academic data, will only be saved until the coverage of the vacant position or exceptionally for one year to count from the date of its reception.



AXENTIVA SOLUTION S.L. the client and/or user that you can exercise your right of accessing, rectification, suppression , opposition and portability addressing via e-mail to the person in charge of the data treatment which address is: