About us
Our Experience

  • Members of an international research group (EuroQol), and current/former collaborating experts in FP7 and Horizon2020 Programmes.

  • Member of Health Technology Assessment unit for 6 years.

  • University teachers and visiting professors in international and national post-graduate courses, programs in Health Economics, and Market Access.

  • + 15 years working experience for pharmaceutical industry developing market access strategies and health economics tools.

  • Former Director from big pharmaceutical company with experience in achieving market access for innovative drugs.

Our team
Carlos Crespo, PhD
Co-Founder & CEO
Jesús Cuervo, PhD
Co-founder & Real World Evidence Director
Mark Oppe, PhD
Preference Research & PROs Director
Juan M. Ramos-Goñi, PhD
Co-founder & Health Economics Director
Benjamin Craig, PhD
Senior Regional Advisor for North America
Oliver Rivero-Arias, PhD
Senior Regional Advisor for Europe
Nan Luo, PhD
Senior Regional Advisor for Asia
Natàlia Pascual-Argenté, MSc
Office Manager and Senior Consultant
Kim Rand, PhD
Senior Consultant
Monica Cerezales González, PhD
Senior Consultant
Patricia Antunes, PhD
Senior Consultant
Anabel Estévez Carrillo, MSc
Samuel Guzmán González
IT Consultant
Stephen Poteet, PhD
Administration and HR
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